About this blog

This blog is just about movies and books that i watch and read. Reviews follow no particular order: sometimes they are up-to-date (movies that i just watched, or books I just read) sometimes they are reminiscences from the past. Interviews and trailers that i find interesting may find space here as well. Overall the blog has no other particular aim than recording impressions (mine) and, en passent, share them with others on the web (just in case they have any value to anyone else). This is a blog, not a mainstream newspaper, or an academic journal, let alone a specialised magazine on the subject, therefore its style is as relaxed as it can be. Also, the reader should not be surprised if he or she finds any mispelling or mistake in the text, there is no editorial team, and I often write with little time at my disposal. Mispelling sometimes in unavoidable, I guess. However, if you spot any non-sense, please comment and let me know. This is not a closed space. This is a blog about books and movies, as simple as that, as I said.


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